Bamboo Bedding – Natural Ivory

Bamboo Bedding Set

You've probably heard about how soft bamboo is. It's even softer than organic cotton, is lightweight and breathes oh so well.

Ideal for anyone who wants cool sheets and/or regularly experiences night sweats or hot flashes.

Given the flooding of bamboo sheets on the market, we decided to carry this line because it's Oeko-tex 100 certified – that means the manufacturing process is environmentally friendlier than conventional processes.

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Avocado Green Mattress

Yes, you’ve heard of going green and eating organic when it comes to your food consumption and throw away trash. But, what about your sleeping environment? Did you know that you can invest in eco-friendly practices and sustainable, organic materials when it comes to the mattress you sleep on every night?

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Essentia Mattress

Memory foam mattresses don’t have to destroy the environment and contribute to waste build up in our landfills anymore. That’s what one company, Essentia, holds to be true, boasting the title as the only natural memory foam company in the world today.

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